Lowara submersible sewage pump hp 0.35 Mod. Doc 3

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Lowara submersible sewage pump hp 0.35 Mod. Doc 3
Submersible pumps for emptying from sumps, tanks, sump tanks, domestic wash drains and emergency drainage of basement rooms such as garages and cellars. DOC series pumps are mainly made of stainless steel, and the motor is equipped with thermal motor protector motion to cut off power to the pump in case of overheating. The single-phase versions are equipped with a built-in capacitor, float switch and power cord with plug that enable automatic operation. Also available is a specific kit that allows the suction level to be lowered by up to 3mm for complete drainage of flooded rooms.DOC with open impellerFor dirty water. Single-phase motor hp 0.4 Kw absorbed 0.35supply port 1"1/4submersibleautomatic with built-in float switchatomantel outside and stainless steel shaft Port/lt. m': 25 at mt. 7 - 50 at mt. 6.3 - 75 at mt. 5.4 - 100 at mt. 4.4 - 150 at mt. 2.2
Ean 8016935003407
Q.ty Pack 1.000000
Measurement Unit PZ
Width Item (cm) 20
Height Item (cm) 31
Depth Item (cm) 20
Specific weight (Kg) 4.4