Pressure washer Lavor Independent 1900 2.5 hp Cod. 8.601.0103C

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Pressure washer Lavor Independent 1900 1900 power 1900 Watt Cod. 8.601.0103C
Cold water pressure washer, power 1900 Watt, 4-stroke 2.5 HP internal combustion engine, max pressure 130 Bar, max flow rate 520 L/h. Axial pump unit, 3-piston aluminum head made of high-strength steel with built-in by-pass valve, steel supporting frame with ergonomic handle, accessory compartment, high-pressure hose support. Included: gun with quick coupler, adjustable jet lance, foam diffuser, 6m high pressure hose, fitting. StrengthsAxial pump unit, aluminum head with three high-strength steel pistons with built-in by-pass valve. Steel supporting frame with ergonomic handle and accessory compartment. Green gasoline engine.High-pressure hose support. Gun with quick couplerHigh-pressure lanceFoam lance.Technical dataPressure 130 bar maxFlow rate 520 l/h maxEngine 4-strokePower/engine speed 2.5 HP/3600 RPM
Q.ty Pack1.000000
Measurement UnitPZ
Width Item (cm)47.000000
Height Item (cm)50.000000
Depth Item (cm)38.000000
Specific weight (Kg)17.500000